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In order to respond to changing global market trends and increased demand, Bridgestone America’s strategic planning includes continuous facility improvements to optimize its production. Replacement of the carbon black unloading system at the LaVergne, Tennessee plant was one such example.

Gresham Smith Architects partnered with Coast 2 Coast because of their experience working in an operating facility as well as the team’s proven ability to capture precise attributes in challenging environments. The indoor areas were very congested and the plant equipment as well as duct and major pipes serving the equipment needed to be documented with significant detail. Faro Focus 3D laser scanners were selected by the team to collect the data. The highly portable scanners could perform in the low light inside the plant as well as in the bright sunlight when collecting building and roof scans outdoors.

The field team collected the data in a matter of days and then registered it into a 360º “point-cloud” view for visualization. The data was also used to create a 3D Revit model of the facility and existing equipment. This type of construction documentation provided the necessary information to implement a phased approach to the redesign. The plan allowed for decommissioning the existing system and installing a new system while maintaining the current performance supplying carbon black to the mixers.

The ongoing investment in updated equipment reflects a focus on improving manufacturing processes. The LaVergne plant and its more than 1,000 employees have been recognized for several initiatives related to education and environmental conservation and preservation.