Digital Twin Communication Solutions


Executives expecting high-level of digitalization within 5 years


Decision-makers looking to realize ROI within 2 years


Manufacturing leaders investing in Digital Factories/IoT programs


Companies creating training to upskill current employees


Organizations developed/ developing strategy, but haven’t implemented

Sales and marketing, stakeholder buy-in, employee relations.

Is everyone in the know?

For those overseeing facilities, clear communication is critical and is often one of the most difficult tasks of the job. Successful Industry 4.0 adoption requires collaboration between functional areas of the business that have historically operated in silos. Building cyber-physical systems that integrate software and information with physical processes requires the alignment of information technology with operations technology.

The digital twin unifies operational and environmental data into a single view.

Communication Hub

IoT Program Leaders often get stuck because of hardware/software compatibility and/or accessibility for the rest of the team. Nearly sixty-seven percent of companies struggle to share key information between departments.

Is Realty Capture needed?

Starting with Reality Capture means you can get raw data for other solutions, a full digital twin to virtually walk through the facility, and even have a platform to view data from sensors. By creating a centralized hub you have the means to visualize software integrations, equipment feedback, and operational capacity in a single view. Streamline communications around improvement potential by narrowing the focus to relevant workflow steps.


Marketing and sales communications


Attract top talent with modernized tools


Points of interest details at your fingertips


Use augmented reality in training scenarios


Route people through your facility


Pinpoint wireless connectivity


Share improvements in your facility


Specify locations within the building

Compliance Reporting

The significant changes that are occurring in the manufacturing sector have generated a need for a more manageable way to maintain both the facility and the assets. Companies with “smart factory” technology have seen a fifty-three percent increase in real-time asset management and quality control because of the rapid increase of business analytics. From regulatory compliance monitoring to preventing accidents when work is planned in dangerous areas, the foundation for almost any initiative is what’s in place and where.

How does a Digital Twin of your site help?

The impact of this new age is far-reaching and offers an exciting opportunity for manufacturing innovation leaders, facility executives, and engineering/compliance consultants to meet the demands for “smarter” buildings and processes.

Are communication challenges holding your Smart Factory initiatives back?

  • Often, projects are held back by functional and/or geographic silos as well as legacy IT and/or proprietary platforms. Solve it with a Digital Twin
  • With production data now available for the asking, executives are wondering about how to begin and what exactly they need. How about the physical site?
  • Looking for base level data and cobbling together a “best guess” from an array of not-so-good sources (Google Earth, old documents, fire escape plans). There’s a better way