Digital Twin Planning Solutions

Optimal asset utilization, operation streamlining, productivity improvements…

Where should the focus be?

It’s important that new technologies lay the groundwork for new business models and we aim to be strategic partners with our clients. Instead of “starting from scratch” each time the factory changes, the Digital Twin shows you where the best opportunities lie.

Capital Allocation Planning

Smart Factory Technology is becoming a high priority for industry leaders, as we enter a fourth industrial revolution. The question becomes where to start the Smart Factory transition. Beginning with small incremental steps that increase digitalization within the factory certainly makes sense, but complexities around budgeting, data sharing, compliance, and how to operationalize technology investments create challenges for many companies. Current events have certainly underscored the need for optimization of manufacturing and logistics facilities.

How does a Digital Twin of your site help?

Smart Factory Technology like digital twins, connected sensors, and data sharing & analysis can help to streamline plant operations. The industrial floor of today is quickly becoming a human-machine collaboration with systems that communicate across the enterprise and exchange data in real-time. Seeing every point of the process allows a new level of customization and personalization for customers. It’s a true differentiator and it’s happening – ready or not.

Improve Visiblity

An Industry 4.0 company is vertically and horizontally integrated from the C-suite to the shop floor, from planning and design to operations and maintenance, and from supplier to consumer. Changes to the business model must provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Roughly eighty-eight percent of companies view the Industrial Internet of Things critical to future success.

Is Realty Capture needed?

Optimizing your processes, supply chain management, and quality control with advanced analytics from Smart Factory capabilities is an absolute necessity in today’s factory. Having a view of the facility as it currently exists not only improves simulations by enabling engineers to quickly identify points-of-failure but also improves project visibility to accelerate issue resolution. Resulting improvements in speed-to-market will mean quicker returns on the investment.

Did you know?

  • 72% Executives expecting high-level of digitalization within 5 years
  • 91% Manufacturing leaders investing in Digital Factories/IoT programs
  • 55% Decision-makers looking to realize ROI within 2 years